LTEF joins with TSC to help raise funds for Pontoon Boat

Dear Thunderbird Sailors and Friends,

We are hoping to purchase a new or nearly new pontoon boat for the Sailing Club and BoatHouse, and we need your help.  I am writing to ask you to contribute toward this purchase.  Please, consider giving $25, $50, $100, $250 or more!

A usable pontoon boat is a necessary asset for the organizations associated with the LTEF and TSC.  Currently we have an unusable pontoon boat that is functionally beyond repair. What it would take to repair is more investment than the boat is worth.  The motor does not work, the pontoons leak and the deck is not safe.  It is essential that we provide a significant upgrade or forego the benefits that a pontoon boat offers.  Again, we feel it is not prudent to invest further in the old pontoon boat.

The Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation Board of Directors has agreed to provide up to $6,000 in matching funds toward the purchase of a new or nearly new pontoon boat and motor! If you contribute toward the purchase, every dollar you give will be matched by the LTEF up to $6,000. With some money from the TSC and the Jerry Layton Fund and donations from YOU, we will be able to get a very good used or new boat. It all depends on you, our members and friends, to help us get a new or newer used pontoon boat and motor. If you contribute, we will have a new Race Committee boat, a dependable boat to use with our camps, classes, CAST events, GODSA events, evening picnics and raft‐ups. Our current pontoon boat is no longer usable.  As I write you this note, we already have $1,000 donated and additional commitments for $2,500, bringing our current total to $3,500 toward our goal of $6,000.  We are well on our way to our goal of taking full advantage of our matching grant opportunity.   Any money raised above our goal will be placed in the Jerry Layton Fund, which is used to maintain the pontoon boat.

The LTEF has started a Pontoon Boat fund and we ask that your tax‐deductible do‐nations be made out to the LTEF Pontoon Boat Fund. The LTEF (a 501C3 non‐profit) will provide each donor with a receipt and thank you for their tax records. Checks may be sent to LTEF, PO Box 1756, Norman, OK 730701756. Of course, we are always open to the donation of a nice pontoon boat and motor, or feel free to send us the name of anyone you know who has a nice pontoon boat and motor for a very reasonable price.

Please help put us over the top and ready for a new sailing and boating season!


Jim Eller, TSC Commodore