Its terrific that we continue to receive grants for the Foundation. Les has reported two new grants have been funded this past month with more in the queue. The first grant was for $750 earmarked for the Kids Sailing Camps. These are the Cincom Sailorship Scholarships that have been funded now for some 5 years. Tom Nies, CEO of Cincinnati based Cincom Systems is a well-known supporter of children’s programs that help develop kids both mentally and physically. Les has known Tom for over 20 years as a provider of computer database software systems.

In addition to the Cincom Sailorship Scholarships, Les has been successful in getting a terrific grant funded by the National Water Safety Congress. The NWSC is a national organization that promotes education for safety of recreational water activities both internationally and throughout the U.S. by addressing water related accidents and drownings. More information can be found at

NWSC president, Mr. Arlyn Hendricks, of Ponca City, Oklahoma has been at the BoatHouse several times to present safety awards to the BoatHouse, Dr. Howard Haines, David Shumake, and most recently, Jerry Lojka. The $1,257.60 grant was funded to provide new Bi-radial cut IODA Opti race sails as well as 18 new flotation bags for the Optis. Arlyn is going to try to get down to the Kids Sailing Camp this summer. If you do meet him, be sure to express your thanks for his continuing interest and support of our programs.

Finally, we thank Vice-commodore, Ted Streuli, for redesigning the website. We will be adding up-to-date information in the coming weeks and months including the audited financials prepared by Mr. Larry Pace, CPA of Norman, Oklahoma. Please make your tax-deductible gifts to LTEF, PO Box 1756, Norman, OK. 73070. Thank you for your continuing support.