Elliott, Roger and Cheri
Brown, Scott
Cummings, Les and Barbara
Lawler, Frank and Kathy
Thunderbird Sailing Club
Powell, Jean
Cox, Chadwick and Patricia
Luppens, Chris and Ann
Reynolds, RL
Shumake, David
Craigie, Dave and Joyce
Hendricks, David and Rita
Secrist, Mary Anne
Gettys, Vesta
Haines, Howard and Cleo
Friend, Marilyn
Oklahoma City Sail and Power Sqd.
Dame, Phil and Cathy
Brackett, Bill and Cheryl
Trotter, Phil and Anita
Stiliwater Bank–Stan White
Knowles, Kerry
Butler, Ian and Julie
Crabtree, Ron and Kathy
Hedrick, Walter and Liz
Bullard, Joevan and Christi
LeVann, George and Jill
Miller, John H.
Frank, Reggie and Loraine
Mallinson, Rick
Arvest Bank, Norman
Carpenter, Earl and Jan
Greenawalt, James
Hargis Jerry
Huffman, Mel and Dee Ann
Kimball, Tom and Mary
Morin, George
Porter, Mickey
Psikal, Ray
Ridgway, Tom
Stritz, Alfred and Elise
Livingston, Peter
Marchessault, Art
Inland Sailing –Todd Hartman
C & S Heat and Air –Scott Belier
Catalina Yachts –Frank Butler
Citizens Bank Edmond –R. Granzow
BMI –David Ratliff
Wesner, Charles and Lyntha
Johnson, Steve and Sandy
Davis, Janie
Ehlers, Pat and JoAnna
Stewart, Camisa
Wilson. Mark and Becky
Pedersen-Miller, Jocelyn
Divine, Connie
Carlson, Ed
Rojas, Adela
Usry, Bob
Veal, Glen and Jennifer
Games, Larry and Kate
Reynolds, Paul and Lori
Horowitz, Bob
Ciach, Greg
LaFollette, Robert
Messer, Sandra
Blair, Henry
Dewberry, Doris
Parnell, Terry
Caldwell, Dorothy
Dodd, Kathy
Etchieson, Bill and Heidi
Galoob, Mike
Mather, Tim
Mercer, Teresa
Sherman, Gerald
Anderson, Les and Kathy
Burcham, Jeff and Barbara
Lojka, Jerry and Lucinda
Bradford, Pam
Graham, Gray and Dorrie
Lange, David and Lisa
Logan, Jim
Crittenden,Wendell and Patsy